The worst online celebs

In this article, we will be talking about the worst online celebs, who simply refuse to go away. No since the internet is populated with all sorts of freaks, there is no virtual end. You got RIP trolls, over the top fundamentalists, hysterical conspiracy theorists and crazy pranksters out there. Here, we present to you a few who just don't understand, when to quit.

Sam Peppers LSam Peppers

People call it unfortunate events and sensitive issues. Sam Peppers calls them 'social experiments'. When he tricked his viewers into believing, they are watching a murder video, things crossed the line. His video featuring a fake kidnapping and murder, was followed by a petition signed by 100,000 people, asking for Sam Peppers to be banned from YouTube.

Michael David Turley

Turley attempted to overextend the premises of response video format. A week after the shootings at Colorado’s screening of Dark Knight Rises, Turley posted a video, featuring a minor walking the streets with a fake rocket launcher. The video was titled ‘Dark Knight Response Video'. This Rocket launcher stunt caused the police to act and then had the minor arrested, after nearly endangering his own life, given he could have been shot on the spot by police.

Melissa Bachman

Bachman's wiki profile says she is a huntress, producer and TV host. She has a verified celebrity account on twitter. Photos she took after hunting a lion made rounds in social media. Both the general public and animal activists gave it back strongly against such brutality. Her involvement in trophy hunting drew massive outrage from netizens. A few commentators supported her, stating she is well within legalities and ethics, and accusing the anti-hunters of being sexist and misogynist.

Dan Bilzerain

To his followers, he is the king of Instagram. To the rest, he is social media's rated #1 jerk. Poker riches made him a multimillionaire who is never shy of showing off his flamboyant lifestyle. His posts on Instagram features super luxury cars, weapons and naked woman. He is no alien to controversies and court trials. This adrenaline junkie suffered two heart attacks before entering his thirties.

Logan Paul

Who can forget Paul's video where he filmed a hanging corpse of a suicide victim in a Japanese forest? Though he made endless apologies for it, the damage to his reputation is already done. YouTube banned him following public outrage. However he made it back within a month with his daily videos.

Jake Paul

The other Paul brother is also a Vine to YouTube, online celebrity. He gets into controversies for pulling pranks at other's expense. His publicity stunts have gone increasing ridiculous over the years. His 'made for video' rowdy antics didn't go well with the neighbors, who met with police to declare him as 'public nuisance'.

Kaitlin Bennett

This Ohio girl rose to her instant fame, when she posed herself carrying a gun on college campus. On 13th May 2018, she posted her delight on finally being able to arm herself, following her graduation. On twitter, she gets truckload of death threats for birthday wishes. She voices her support for the right wingers and accused a leftist in her #MeToo tweet. She accuses the feminists for not standing by her.