The most ridiculous websites you’ll ever see

ridiculous websites DThe internet is known as a source of infinite knowledge and allows the world to stay connected, however, sometimes it can get a little ridiculous. Here is a list of the most ridiculous websites found online today, from tracking your mouse pointer to predicting the date and time of your death. Everyone has surfed the internet, but most haven't reached the far reaches of the most ridiculous websites ever to be created so, here you go!

If you're in the mood for pointless fun then visit https://www.pointerpointercom/, the website tracks your pointer and brings up a photo of someone pointing at your mouse pointer in real time and nothing more. The photos are humorous and change when you move your pointer, but there is literally no other use for this ridiculous website.

For something a little more "serious'-(and creepy), there is a website that claims to know when you'll die, right down to the second. will either freak you out or amuse you. The site predicts your death based on your biodata including your BMI and whether you're a smoker. Death clock then predicts how many hours, minutes and seconds you have to live, which is ridiculous.

The next website not only showcases a ridiculous website but also just how ridiculous people can be in public. http// provides visitors with an array of pictures taken at Walmart stores around the world. Some pictures are funny while others are just plain bizarre. To have a website dedicated to the weirdness of Walmart shoppers is ridiculous in its own right. If you think your friends or family members are embarrassing in public visit this site and perhaps it will relieve you a little.

There are over 644 million active websites on the Internet today so, there are bound to be quite a few ridiculous and useless ones including the next few. http// is a website dedicated to showcasing the lamest moments found on Facebook. If you're looking to catch up on your Facebook friends, hopefully, you won't find them here. From ridiculous photos to lame posts, Lamebook has it all It just goes to show what people will say and do as long as its not in person.

The next website is pretty ridiculous as it has a waiting list just to get in. is a website that currently has a combined waiting list time of 74 years! Every 60 seconds one individual is allowed to enter the website and only for a limited time period. Unfortunately, the website itself is not exciting at all so, the wait is literally for nothing.

I don't know who would even consider using the next website. was an encyclopedia of misspelt words, which ran from 2010-2016, but has recently shut down due to it being too ridiculous for the Internet.

Apparently playing with a virtual toilet paper roll is not too weird -is it?...which comes to our next website This website has a simple virtual toilet paper roll that you can roll up or down until it runs out and that's is seriously it. Unless you’re a cat and this might just be a brilliant idea nobody ever thought of before. Cat owners will get this one... What else? Do you like to play slots? We found a ridiculous website with thousands of slots that can be played for free. Check them out on free games catalog (

Remember, not everything you find on the Internet is true, but the level of stupidity and ridiculousness of these websites is completely true so visit them yourself.