Internet cheats: free downloads you really want

In recent years the Internet has overgrown the necessity for going to the traditional computer store. This has seen production of computers and other Internet accessible devices hit new heights with online sales going off-the-chart. Then again- these programs essential to utilization of these devices' productivity are developed and upgraded almost on a daily basis. Sadly though, most of these programs come with a hefty price tag. Because of this, people have found a way to navigate around this stumbling smothering block with a simplified plan that solves the bottomless pit of software upgrades.

Ninite NiniteNinite Ninite is a package management system. With this program, you can automatically install popular applications to your Windows operating system. And to no surprise is found on the internet as a totally free download. Why is this important is simple- it lets you instal multiple programs at a time so when you need a lot of programs upgraded or installed- this program does it all.


TeraByte Drive ImageTeraByte Drive Image BackupRestore Suite 323. Tagged at $38.94, this powerful program that run on Windows operating system is so convenient. It can back up and restore partitions encrypted by third party software such as DOS or Linux.


Windows 10 Pro x64 RS5 XWindows 10 Pro x64 RS5. This latest operating system from Microsoft is simply impressive. It comes with anti-theft feature known as the Bitlocker. This locks every feature in your PC and ensures that no one has access to your data Windows 10 Pro facilitates synchronization of your office files to a virtual drive known as cloud. This allows you access and share your files from anywhere. I guess these, and other features justify it's $199.99 price tag.



Adobe Acrobat Pro ZAdobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019 DMG for MacOS. With this image editor you can create and share high quality, print ready images like a pro. It also allows for conversion of pdf files to office documents like Excel, MS Word or PowerPoint. Do you like it? It's only $179.95 or you just download it for free.



Kaspersky Total Security2019 DKaspersky Total Security2019. This is my Anti-Virus of choice Already an award-winning internet protection program, Kaspersky's ease of use will impress you. $100.00 for a one-year subscription of up to five devices is worth your money. But if you are penny-pinching then you'll marvel at the knowledge that you can download it for free.





Octopus 2018 Samsung Tool without Box. This program spares you a visit to the mobile replacement shop. It allows you to fix all your Samsung Huawei, LG, Alcatel and Motorola device's issues. If it weren't for free downloads, you'd have to part with around $64.00.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019. This is a must have for professional and aspiring graphic designers. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is a simplified version which focuses on increased user productivity. At a regular price of $135.62 you'll be thrilled knowing it is downloadable for free.

MAGIX Audio Music Lab 2017 Premium. For just $65.01 you can record your favorite music from old tapes and vinyl discs. With this music program, you cane define your tracks to a crisp using its user friendly interface. MAGIX Audio Music Lab 2017 Premium is available online for free. Now that is music to your ears.

OBD Auto Doctor. If you like to get hands on with your vehicle then this program will help you diagnose your vehicle for issues. Its prices range from $39.95 for personal use to 119.95 for Business. You'll probably think you are being taken for a ride if someone told you it's available for free.

PhotoZoom Pro 7. This app is a world leader when it comes to enlarging pictures without compromising on quality. A Mac version goes for $69.00 to $169.00. However, free versions are available online. You are starting to see pictures now, aren't you?

Internet Download Manager 6.15 This program will help you download whatever app that tickles your fancy and great speeds. Already a trial version is available online though you can also download full version for free.

As the adage goes, money saved is money earned. Hopefully, saving on these helpful apps will allow you spend on other necessities that don't come for free.