Do you really need these big websites?

Idea Fail too BIf I asked you this question face to face, you might find me replying in an old-fashioned in a way. But really, do you need these websites. Let me put it this way, do you really need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and so many other social media platforms?

I don't mean to say that these sites are not worth your time, but as much as they are, they are not worth all the attention we give them if we had a keen look at them. I understand that times are changing and this is a very dynamic and digital error. In this article, I want to focus on facts and news from the internet that these sites may not be of significant concern in our lives. The things we do online may not add up to our lives worth, and there for every single day, we should weigh the gain and the loss parameters we acquire from these sites.

I will help discuss my topic in two ways. First I will describe the title and secondly the article itself. I believe we shall go hand in hand and learn a thing or two. Shall we?

How important or less important social media sites are to our lives.

Did you know that a significant percentage of information found on these sites is just but a scam? Its most of the time not factual. Take for instance someone bragging on Facebook or Instagram. They say they don’t choose specific demographics to target everyone, but then again they do. Is that not fake? Everything you say or do these days is taken and used for someone else to make you into a big target for people you don’t want to be in touch with, and ads that never seem to go away.

The disadvantages of these big websites.

Studies show many negatives as to why social media should not be our primary focus. The list is quite long but just a few. I have heard and read that social media brings about lack of emotional connection. Did you know that most times we scroll on these sites expecting some emotional connection? This never happens since the real relationship can be achieved by spending actual time with actual people. Fake news and people faking their way of life drive that connection far away even from the people right next to us. For example:

Yahoo isn't a done deal. They have their own set of audience to cater too. However, they are badly in need of a quick search page. Google's formula of presenting a simple, search page worked wonders for them. should stop with ads in their homepage and restrict them to SERP’s only Their homepage is loaded with too many news stories. Weather report on the front page doesn't work anymore. needs a major revamp, if they wish to be at least remotely likeable to the masses.

Google Plus (Idea Fail too)

lf not for their hangouts, Google Plus is almost irrelevant today. The Google's venture didn't go the way it would have liked. There are millions of empty Google Plus profiles that were created years ago. Twitter was pretty much like that, but when the users return after a period, they got hooked on it. Sadly Flutter didn’t do any better... Google Plus, still doesn't manage to provide that sort of addiction. It is a classic case of an idea fail, though it doesn't bug you with ads.

On top of that it facilitates laziness, it diminishes understanding and thoughtfulness and above all a significant cause of stress. If I went online all through and never felt satisfied, stress would automatically kick in. So now I think you can support me a little bit. Some of us love these sites so much they would wish to glue my mouth shut. But no, it's just an eye-opener. If I told you to spend a day out of Facebook, it would be total torture. I understand. But do you really need it? I suppose we can be more productive, save more money and even make more real friendships off these big websites. This is just a call for the real stuff. Not too much fake adverts. Hope we all learned a thing or two