Should You Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

There are a lot of factors that you’ve got to consider if your choosing between using your own or renting a car for a road trip. These factors include the current conditions of your car, your destination, length of your trip, duration, and much more.  


Renting a car may be a better choice than using your personal car. This depends on the form of road trip you will be taking and the car you own. Today, we’re going to share with you some benefits that you can get if you rent a car for a road trip, whether it’s an SUV, sedan, or exotic car rental. 

Test Drive Another Vehicle 

Are you planning to buy a new car? Then a long road trip is an ideal time to test drive your dream car. Whether you are planning to purchase an all-wheel-drive or an electric car, renting that model and taking it for a 2-day long trip will help you figure out if it is the ideal choice for you.  

Drive Environmentally-Friendly 

Renting an environmentally-friendly car for your trip is great for the environment. It can save you a lot of money as well. Opting for a hybrid or electric car will keep you from having to make stops for gas more often. This is particularly true if you’re heading off to a place where gas stations are rare.  

Improve Safety and Comfort 

It can be fun to travel with your entire family. However, if you’re traveling inside a tight space for a long period, that will get rid of the fun. If you want to guarantee that everybody is comfortable during the trip, make sure you hire a spacious crossover or SUV. Almost every rental company has fleets of premium and newer rentals that provide more perks and amenities. This makes your trip more fun for you and your loved ones. These features can include anything from lane departure warnings and roof racks for luggage to heated seats and TV screens.  

Save Money 

If you want to save money when going for a road trip, you can do so if you rent a car with better gas mileage. In addition to that, rental companies offer you the choice to purchase extra insurance coverage and protection that can partially or completely cover any damage caused by a car accident.  

Lower Depreciation Costs 

For those who don’t know, the moment you drive away from the dealership, your car’s value depreciates. The truth is that the value of a car depreciates around 15%-20% every year. This percentage might increase with the overall car’s condition, dings and dents, and add miles. That’s why you should limit your daily use of your car if you’re planning to sell it in the future. For longer trips, you can always rent a car.  

Lower Wear and Tear on Your Car 

You can easily avoid wear and tear on your car if you choose to rent a car. This is extremely useful if you are currently leasing your car. For those who don’t know, going over the allotted mileage can cost around 10-15 cents per mile for a lessee. This can add up quickly over time.  

Reasons why Tree Trimming Should Be Done in Fall

You probably think that because your trees are losing their leaves, they are resting and getting prepared for winter weather. But you don’t think you need them trimmed this season. Even if your trees get into the dormant mode, they are still alive and continue to grow new roots throughout the fall months. That’s why it’s the best time to prune and trim.  

The fall season is when you should call the professionals in tree trimming Columbus GA. But if you hire skilled tree experts, make sure that your trees are ready for pruning to brace themselves for the colder winter months. The dormant cycle is an ideal time to help overgrown trees recover from diseases. Here are six reasons why trimming during fall makes a lot of sense.  

1. It helps prevent infections and treat diseases.  

While tree trimming and pruning may allow diseases to spread through the hot summer months, the reduction of dead branches during the dormant season is less likely to cause tree failure. In fact, the presence of illness and pathogens could be identified by a qualified examination because the tree loses its leaves and thus becomes undressed.  This supports tree expansion for next season. 

Trimming and pruning when the leaves are missing makes reinforcing trees less difficult and redirects future growth of the tree. Therefore, if a tree is cut after spring, the bloom will be reduced. Cutting the tree before it grows makes it ready for development.  

2. It helps the trees bear winter better. 

Trimming in fall will remove any damaged or weakened branches and allow the tree to grow. Throughout the snowy winter season, these branches are likely to break off and fall over your car, home, or even your loved one. Trees are better off bearing the winter season when they are trimmed in fall.  

3. The prices are cheaper.  

In the fall season, leaves drop and it’s easier to see where the branches are. Increased visibility will allow the smooth entry of tree trimming professional to prune and trim the tree, thus providing full access to proper cutting the branches. 

4. It saves time and money. 

The task will be more difficult during colder weather. Trimming during the fall ensures that the tree trimming professional has direct tree entry and easy access to their equipment. This fact alone saves you a lot of money because tree experts can complete the job faster.   

5. It revitalizes the tree. 

Pruning at some point in autumn will revitalize your tree. If you want the tree to look good, then you’ll have to do it during the dormant season and while the weather is favorable for the arborists. It is an advantage for everybody.  

There are many reasons why property owners want to trim their trees regularly. But whatever season it is, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your trees are safe. Most tree care companies will eagerly schedule an appointment with you, depending on what service you need, and inspect your tree to see if tree trimming is necessary.